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New for 2022 - Framework for Design Excellence 

The Framework for Design Excellence is a standard for design that AIANC is focused on helping our architects achieve. This year, we will continue our efforts to highlight the Framework. Following the “Type of Construction”, there will be a 500 word description “Architect’s Statement Concerning the Framework for Design Excellence” (You can find more about the Framework here- https://content.aia.org/sites/default/files/2020-08/Framework_for_design_excellence_v3.pdf).

Additionally, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • Was the site previously developed?
  • Is storm water managed on site?
  • Is landscape design focused on native plants?
  • Is potable water used for irrigation?
  • Is potable water used for cooling?
  • Is grey/blackwater reused on site?
  • Predicted Net EUI?
  • Predicted reduction from benchmark CBECS 2003?
  • Does the project meet the 2030 challenge?
  • Was energy modeling used to inform design decisions?
  • Was embodied carbon calculated and used to inform design decisions?
  • Was a Whole Building Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) conducted?
  • Was a "Chemicals of Concerns" list used to inform material selection?
  • Was a post occupancy evaluation conducted on this project?


Finally, there will be an option to upload a completed Framework workbook. This will not be required this year, but is recommended. You can find the workbook here>>